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Hey, how goes it!? I'm Kenn Bosak, here to talk about bitcoin and bitcoin accessories. 

Binance - Trade Crypto TODAY!!!

Binance is growing at a very fast rate, and if it will keep growing, it will soon become the biggest crypto exchange worldwide for trading altcoins. Many newly launch coins and tokens are getting listed on Binance as compared with the other major exchanges (Poloniex and Bittrex). If you have missed some of the ICOs, you can look for a some of them on Binance.

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Where I make videos on bitcoin and bitcoin accessories. 


Where I write about bitcoin and bitcoin accessories.


Where I talk about bitcoin and bitcoin accessories.




I'm not an expert, I'm an enthusiast. Please, do your own due diligence. But, I do promise to do my best helping you on ramp.


Learning on your own is scary and can often lead to learning something the hardway. I've been in the industry long enough to know the dos and don'ts.


No- I don't offer "trading advice" but, I will teach you how to use a trading exchange.

Yes- You will probably lose money. Nothings a sure thing. But, I'll show you how I minimize my losses.